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Resolution of this conflict by siding totally with one extreme or the other can be costly.

Total focus on the children can deny the single parent dating companionship; create more dependency on love from children; and perhaps cause an increased sense of loss when it is time to let grown children go. One is making a compromise about attention and the second is making a distinction about love.

Warmline offers support, suggestions for common problems, developmental facts about children and resource information.

You can also ask a question via an email form on their website, which will be answered within three business days.

“Neither one of you can have all of my attention, but there will be sufficient to go around.

You can’t always have as much from me as you ideally want to get.

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Other times the single parent can feel the dating companionship is a mixed blessing when his or her needs and opinions complicate or conflict with parental commitments to the children.I can’t always provide as much for you as I ideally want to give.Many times none of us will be totally satisfied, and that is okay.” Resolution of the being single vs.However, when a parent starts dating, it doesn’t just complicate life for the adolescent; it complicates life for the single parent too.Start with the role conflict in which a single parent can feel beset.

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