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Additionally, it’s typically easier to get approved for SBA financing to buy an existing business compared to getting approved to fund a startup.This is because the lender is able to better judge the existing business’s potential to repay a loan by looking at its track record rather than pinning their hopes on a startup’s projections alone. SBA loans have the most competitive interest rates and longest repayment terms of just about any financing option available.Your first dividend would have been around ,305.Microsoft also declared a one-time massive dividend on November 15th, 2004, as an enormous reward to all of those who had invested.In your case, that one-time payment would have been around ,168,726; cash that was direct deposited into your brokerage account, checking accounts, or savings account or, alternatively, sent to you as a paper check in the mail.Over the years, the meteoric rise in stock price was a reflection, albeit imprecise and highly volatile, of investor's best guess as to the intrinsic value of those future cash streams.

Banks set high standards that both you, and the business you’re buying, have to meet before being approved.

Visit Guidant There are five primary financing options to buy a business, starting with SBA loans and ROBS as the two best business acquisition financing options.

The table below gives a brief summary of all five options.

Your 0,000 blossomed into ,462,989 in a mere 30 years, compounding at roughly north of 24% per annum for three consecutive decades in a run that was made for the record books; a run that allowed Bill Gates to build a private holding company called Cascade Investment as well as one of the most effective charitable foundations in the world.

Of that ,635,807 in approximate dividend income you would have earned, the first dividend wasn't paid until February 19th, 2003, at which points regular dividends began.

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