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From the 9th, you're likely to pour a lot of your energies into home and family life, whether this is for home improvement projects, family activities, or working in the home.There can be some tensions in the family unit, particularly with Venus retrograde and less apparent charm, warmth, and diplomacy.Some of your interests are waning, but it's better to treat this as a break or pause rather than an ending.You are seeing past relationships and expectations in a different light and redefining what it is you now want and need from your connections and your studies.If you know your birth time, but don’t know your Ascendant, be sure to see How to Obtain Your Astrology Chart here.Building and developing projects, enjoying simple pleasures and comforts, and money matters are in sharp focus in March, dear Aquarius.These keywords are a mini-reading of your emotional state for the day, and are closely related to your 5-star rating.For example, if the Moon is currently passing through a Zodiacal sign that complements your Sun sign -- one that makes a soft aspect, such as a trine or sextile, to your sign -- then your keywords will reflect that easy, harmonious relationship.

Just like the other planets in our Solar System, the Moon moves in cycles through all twelve signs of the Zodiac.For example, there are times when, no matter how many positive things happen in your life, you're feeling too overwhelmed, grumpy or just blah to appreciate them.That kind of day might merit a Mood word like 'pensive' or 'chaotic.' Conversely, there are days when one obstacle after another pops up in your path -- and yet you've got the grace and optimism needed to deal with each new hurdle like a champion.The Moon affects your emotional state in varying ways, depending on which Zodiacal sign it currently resides in.If it's in a sign that makes a square aspect to your natal Sun sign, for example, you may notice that you feel more irritable than usual.

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