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She also served as the magazine's editor-in-chief and played a key role in directing Playboy Enterprises' ventures in cable television, video production, and online programming.

In 1988, Hefner turned over control of Playboy Enterprises to Christie, naming her chair and chief executive officer.

“The Republican race indicates that the same racist strain [that] got George Wallace his 13 percent is still very much alive and it’s manifesting in Trump’s popularity,” he opined.

His worst criticism came when painting a picture of America’s future with Trump as its president.

Hugh Hefner transformed the adult entertainment industry with his ground breaking publication Playboy magazine.

From the first issue featuring actress/sex symbol Marilyn Monroe in 1953, Playboy has expanded into a multimillion-dollar enterprise consisting of publication, TV and web ventures, and mirroring the slightly maverick, rebellious, and oftentimes, hedonistic, sensibilities of its founder.

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