Revalidating uk ppl

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" I could not find this list at CAA tonight, it seems to be discontinued, or I was too stupid to find it..:-( The list I' ve found was for radio-communication examiners, but the list was pretty actual...

Note that if one type of approach has been completed prior to test, that has been deemed successful by an appropriately rating instructor, then only the other type of approach need be demonstrated.For example I do mine in an N-reg, and if I didn’t have the Df T permission (to pay an instructor in a non-G-reg) we could fly over to France and do it there.I have been browsing some stuff on this lately and there seems to be another issue: it is alleged (but nobody seems sure about it) that if you fail to get your 1119D which you give to the examiner.Or, would I be required to revalidate my , both in one flight. My guess would be Yes but I am not a specialist in this.or the IR in any aircraft reg, in a single flight, in any airspace, so long as the examiner is properly authorised.

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