Adult chat for aussies

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Glory is a homebred girl from our lovely Dottie and CH Hooey.

Dottie is the resident escape artist and Glory puts her to shame!

It's our fault we didn't force more time with her, but she was just always more happy as a dog's dog.

She's not mean by any stretch of the imagination, she just prefers to be left alone by humans and continue playing with her canine friends- so I would consider her a "kennel bred" personality, although forcing that one on one time now could easily pull her out of it, but with a little one of my own on the way and the other dogs to tend to, I just don't have the time she needs to make that happen.

I am a social worker in a government child abuse program, for 24 yrs. I am married with adult children & 4 grandchildren. Sydney, Australia Female, 17 Hi my name is Lauren, I'm 17 years old.

I like to go hiking, bake, bike riding, going to the gym and going out with my friends I love science, dogs and reality car crash tv.

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