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We have developed an inorganic material based on synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide withan average primary particle size of 150 nm and a specific surface area of 20 m2/g, called SIDISTAR Every one knows that plastic is a fantastic material in a fault and rain water application field.There are lots of advantages in use of plastics: very good hydraulics (low material roughness), no incrustation (no sediment / sludge influence on a pipe surface), tightness of connections, durable materials / long life of a system, chemical resistance, light weight, ease of installation.In the light of the findings – and subsequent analysis and evaluation of the observed data – this report has reached the following key conclusions about the relative merits of the different sewer pipe types currently available: In service, flexible pipes perform better than rigid pipes, Buried pipelines need flexibility, Fittings for flexible pipeline systems ensure more reliable connections, Installation of flexible pipeline systems reduces risk to the environment, Flexible sewer pipelines are the sound, long-service option.The comparison of the R-curves obtained from the two types of specimens (with and without a protective layer) indicates that both are practically identical.If 50% of sewage network operators in Germany changed to the use of PE-80 piping, the newly generated market potential would be around 5.000 km / year in the diameter range 280 –560 mm and 3.000 km in the dimension 160mm.This future market potential is already bigger that the combined gas and drinking water PE market in Germany today.

The material differences in multi-layer polymeric/metallic pipes may lead to high hoop stress gradients in polymeric and metallic layer and to inward buckling of the inner layer at elevated temperatures.Please note that all Conference papers and abstracts are only made available for downloading on the strict understanding that same are for personal use only and are not for subsequent re-publication in whole or in part other than with the express written prior consent of the copyright owner.Copyright of all papers and extracts remains with the individual author(s) or their employers as copyright owners and the PPCA has no authority to permit publication other than on the terms detailed above.For most pipe applications impact modification is not required.In certain cases however, incold climates, for pressure or thin-walled pipes, high impact strength is essential.

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