Ji hyun woo dating

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Not only body figure, but also his art of acting is completely perfect.

I'm sad that Yoo is already married but you will be in my heart forever.... Your character and acting skills in Healer have left an imprint on my heart. :-) @edna lol, i agree with you, this picture is distracted his charm.

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people say miracle happen when you believe.for you ill believe in miracle.. im looking forward to watch you perform, and your acting..loveyou.. Kim Woo Bin, your role in Heirs and Uncontrollably Fond inspires a lot. Hope you will be awarded for excellent performace in Uncontrollably Fond. After finding out that you're now the main lead on a new drama, I became really really happy for you. The story, the script, the soundtrack, the cast and how they played their role ...everthing is just really great. The tv series showed how hard it is to make choices, how those choices affect lives and how it can destroy and ruin a person. "Shin Joon Young" showed how we make the most wrong of choices, how we struggle to make things right and how we get hurt, feel weak but still gets up and stubbornly fights. I even liked "Twenty" which I found to be very juvenile. You rejected two dramas's offered as a lead male ( pinnochio and warm&cozy) to promote your latest movie (twenty) and it turns out that both of those dramas have a pretty good rattings while your movie is a bit low than our expectation. Altho is the only drama I have seen of him I m very impatient to see the TECHNICIANS ^.^. Camt wait yo see your new drama and movie fighting dongsaeng (: definitely not the handsome dude, but he is got something about him that will draw your attention to him and want to see more of his dramas and thats your charm boy!! Yoo Ji Tae is the manliest Korean actor I have ever seen. I could really feel how he's mad with his brother that it frustrates him to know he couldn't do anything to him yet. I like his sexy voice, beautiful smile and great role as a lover in Star's Lover.His looks and body are definitely outstanding than the others. And i like the way he potrayed the pure journalist in Healer. Yah, just saw him in Star's Lover, he's really good there, he's got good chemistry w/ Choi Ji Woo. (감사합니다.) ^_^ yoo ji_tae,you did well in Celebrity Sweetheart,,good chemistry with choi ji woo.a really sweet kisses..enveous... I've watched "The Heirs" and you've done a great job there.Yoo Gi Tae..most handsome korea actor I've ever seen.

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