Arashi dating rumors

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Ninomiya, though with a momentarily surprised expression, dealt with them immediately.

In commercial TV dramas, shooting usually starts about two months ago. The reason seems to be revealed in “Weekly Bunshun” released on May 25.“It is said that Sakurai apologized” in the presence of the co-stars.This remains just a tabloid rumor but it’s too juicy not to share, plus it gives me a good excuse to drop an awesome Hana Yori Dango MV on you all along with stills from the HYD wedding scene. Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari (28), who on the 26th started doing Arashi's Waku Waku School in Tokyo Dome, recently spoke for the first time about his [rumored] relationship with model Sasaki Nozomi (23), saying, "We get along normally." It was back in May that publications first began to allude to Ninomiya and Sasaki's more than neutral relationship.The change maybe from Sakurai to Kato Shigeaki of NEWS.Kato has a law degree from Aoyama Gakuin College, same institution of Ogawa, beeing in charge of social situations and seems it is better in this area than Sakurai.

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